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Komboloi - Greek Worry Beads

What is a Komboloi?
A komboloi is a bead collection used to divert your attention whenever you are worried. It is otherwise known as worry beads, prayer beads, tesbih, masbaha, or mala. It originated in Greece, and is popular among Greeks and other Europeans. These beads are also used by Muslims and Buddhists for their religious activities. This relieves you from stress, and keeps your hands occupied as time passes by. You just play it with your hands by putting the end of the string in your middle finger, and have it tossed back and forth. You can hold and rub the beads until your worries are gone.

The Greek Origin of Komboloi
It was believed that monks from Mount Athos started out the origin of komboloi. These people first used beads tied on a string, with a large bead at the top. Early monks used inexpensive materials to make these beads using hazelnuts, olive pits, shells and wood. Back then, this showed fine workmanship, which is still made and used these days. Currently, a komboloi is made of organic materials like horn, amber, mother of pearl, black amber, bone, coral, and seeds.

Komboloi got its name from the Greek word “kombos” meaning knot, and “leo” or to say. When you combine both words, this will simply mean “I say a prayer in each knot”. Although the term komboloi still remains today, this is no longer used for prayers.

Using Komboloi to Relax and Reduce Stress 
The modern designs of komboloi are now used for relaxation and fun. However, these beads differ from those used for prayer beads in other cultures. The cord of these beads provide adequate space for moving. Pleasure is what you get when you play it as there are many different komboloi tricks to try.

When you want to play with a komboloi, you will need to repeat similar motions all throughout. You can also repeat a sound, word, prayer, affirmation, or goal as each beads move through your fingers. You can gain energy contained in the amber or gemstone, which is moved by your hands. Or meditate on the form and color of the beads. This will also keep you busy while waiting or being stressed. Or you can associate your beads by having calm and serene moments.

Komboloi are unique toys to play with, especially when one is down and weary. For some instances you want to give this to a friend to relieve her from tensions; or you want to keep it for yourself.

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